Finally I’m with dog

Yes, I bought my Poodle! No walks needed (even if walks is one of the good things with owning a dog), or you can also say that I bought one more silly thing back home to dust… Or one more silly thing brought back to an already, with gadgets and decorations, overcrowded home.

In any case the fake Montgomery is there.

Talking home, I now for sure the downside with working out!!! Your home start too degenerate, cause the hours normally spent dusting, vacuum and polish is now spent on a treadmill and finally back home cleaning is not even on the agenda.

So seriously… I find my living room table to be an inventory of empty boxes, envelopes, PET bottles etc. Nightmare. Really need a rainy, can’t do anything outside, weekend. Maybe the upcoming since we will finally go back to normal time AND it’s a national holiday in the beginning of next week.

With some rain on top of that I might even oil some floors and finally take, and this time send, photos of the kitchen work top which is in a desperate need of an update. And how is it possible, in the first place, to make a kitchen top out of wood? It’s bound to decay at some point. Even if you sand and oil it now and then (I have not done that).

A see, weekend plans if it rains. Maybe a trip to IKEA as well to buy new sofa covers, or actually not do that… Look for a new sofa instead, but then I will look elsewhere, not IKEA.

Take care


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