Finally – L.D.V. day

When I in October 2019 decided to visit the Louvre and the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition I thought I would do it in November or so… Gosh was I wrong, the first day with a free time slot was in January and then after 19h00, so the first suitable time was today! And now we are here…

Of course I needed to piss off some people by not be able to plan other things today, but so is the world today, you need to book stuff so far ahead that you have no idea if you even will be alive when the event finally takes place.

Like another event I actually wanted to travel to this year, Eurovision in the Netherlands… But there another issue turned up, price of tickets and if the price actually is worth it? When it comes to Eurovision the truth is that you see it better on TV. The reason for being at the venue is not really to “see it”, it’s all the things happening the two Eurovision weeks which ends with the Final.

In this case it also clash with plans for my annual Morocco visit, launch of the Project at work and even if I might have been able to get an OK for 5 weeks vacation (doubt it) it’s not possible to put it all together in May.

But, let’s see tomorrow if the wait for Da Vinci was worth the price of the tickets, and do not forget, tomorrow is the start of 6 weeks of Melodifestivalen in Sweden.


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