Finally the final

So tonight is the big night after following this circus since December 2021, yes even before if you look at the countries who announced their singers but no song.

The feeling is that the second place song is the winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2022 – cause who will be able to fight the fact that there is a war going on in Ukraine and Ukraine is in the Eurovision finals.

But overall, this is bad year, a lot of bad songs, a lot of them even passed to the final, RAI did a better job semi 2 than semi 1 – sound etc. But it was also in the second semi it was obvious how ugly the “sun” is standing on the stage not working as supposed. All entries with this half circle behind them.

And the nowdays completely toxic fandoms blamed Switzerland for everything in semi 1, and Belgium in semi 2, amazing to be honest how social media made a really nice little group of fans turn to a flesh eating monster. And without name them, it is fans from the same countries that year after year kill the joy within the fan pages on social media. Nationalism in its worse form.

So the final, here are my list and guesses for tonights final.


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