First Metro trip in a month

Serious, to make this day work it’s a puzzle of time, tasks and transport to take into account, and of course we add some shit weather to it all. Why not? It just show the world that Eeyore (Ior) not depressed, he is only objective and see the world as it is.

But back into the Metro for a day then. Why? I need time to go back home before lunch so I can workout during lunch, and be ready to participate in a “end of the day” meeting. Add that it’s storm outside so to use the bike is not an option, the wind kind of push you over and into the traffic, insane.

But at the moment life is telling me to just stay in bed and never leave it. Just what Eeyore stand for, again, when things turn to something amazing the pendulum swings back to the dark side with some added force. And in all this there still is people out in the world thinking positive. Be realistic, if what is good in your life reach a +8, the “swing back” will be -8.1, it’s how a pendulum and life work.

So there is where I am today, the 2021 10 21 – and by the way… French daily new Covid cases is going up again – why not?


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