First month of the year

A few years now I have been the (un)lucky owner of a gym card so I can clearly see some trends. January, a month when the gym is full with “new” faces.

They start to pile up around the 3rd and around the 28th the gym is back to normal with some of them still there whilst some old faces is gone. In any case, the amount of people is more or less the same as whats normal. Knowing this, you might think, it’s not a huge thing to arrive to the gym and all, and I mean ALL the machines are occupied. But it is, it’s a nightmare to just stand there and wait… And when finally someone leaves there is a race to get the machine you want before anyone else! In Sweden it would have been some kind of system so first arrived, first served. But I am in France, so it is more a fight to the death to be first.

But they will soon be gone, the newbies. Just like any other year.

With that, let me leave you with some funnies from past years.

Sale: “25 centime & une pomme”
I know the feeling… I have fat thumbs too – and “o” and “i” is very close on the keyboard.

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