Free day

First day off, in a sequence of 5. Lovely you might think, yes… But not so lovely… I slept until 11h45 – so not much day to play with.

Went for the planned shopping of things that’s heavy to carry home. Water (Perrier), Orangina (even if my Orangina addiction is under control) and a bag in box of rosé. I guess this week will present opportunities to drink wine so the old one will soon be empty, need an backup.

Beside all this, not much really. Todays Eurovision is 2011 from Germany and at the same time I try to wash linens at home. Not walking to the laundromat – I have no place to hang them so I hope they will get dry somehow. But I go to bed tonight in fresh linens. Will be lovely.

Take care


and yes it rains

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