French Class started

Here we go again

Yesterday my French classes started again, with the hated 30 minutes on-line studies added to each face to face class. Again I tell the world I am not a self study person, it’s a way of learning not suitable for “moi”. I do not learn a thing from the on-line sessions. Pointing that out the answer boomerang back “it’s a package”. Yes a package of 10 wasted hours.

Home work, not my strongest suite either. At home, chez moi, to many distractions. To do home work I need to leave the apartment and sit somewhere outside. It’s fine when I do laundry, go to the language school or travel far but to just sit in a cafè or in a park… No, I do the parts I am suppose to do and then nothing more. Kind of not my kind of learning.

The same for working from home. I do not mind to put in more hours when the work load dictate it’s needed. Just look back at the past at my old work I sometimes went into work on evenings and weekends even if the supposed work was 100% suitable for logging in from home. It’s not me…

And also, when you bring work home your home turns into an office and will never be a place to relax, so boys and girls, never transform your own living room to an office space. It might be a different thing if you actually have an home office space, then that room will be for working, I don’t know. It’s just me and all the weird stuff going on in my head.

Apart from this life lesson have a Bon Journee


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