Learning French

French Lessons start again

After weeks of no classes I’m back to school and the French lessons. Feels like I never ever heard the language before but really? Now it’s time to take on this task more seriously. At least speak and understand, the spelling will come I guess with more reading in French.

But I still struggle with the same issues now as from the the start.

  • I don’t get the French verbs.
  • The “liaison” makes it hard to hear “word by word” so even if I get the words looking at them I do not hear it when people speak fast.
  • The French language have to many words sounding the same, or shall I say to me sounding the same. My favorite example is the French words for game, yellow and young. When people speak normally I do not hear the difference.
  • Too many exceptions or when the French correct you “You have to understand from context”.
  • I have huge difficulties to learn languages, it’s a well know fact and my English teachers throughout the years will confirm but also my former teachers in Swedish. I’m not language wizard.
  • The self study concept is not for me. Like a parrot I can repeat without knowing what I say and pass the on-line learning. Who in their right mind can learn on-line?

But we will see, I will struggle through the lessons left this term and if I pass for one more term (after the test) I will try to take the hours and ask for a intensive course, one week, everyday instead of the few hours a week. I gladly take a week vacation to do that and I am sure I will benefit more from that then single lessons.

Have a NIce week now.


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