French vacation month and lost postcards

French vacation

So, finally the French vacation month started and the city supposed to be empty… Or no, the Metro supposed to be empty the city is full of Japanese tourists.

But something has changed. Noticed last year both in town and at work many of the French work in August, not at all so empty and cozy as it was my first August in Paris. Just like it is in Sweden where July for years been the “no one works month” this is no longer the case. So Europe is changing.

Postcards on the loose

Remember me being in Hong Kong? Yes, in May. Now, when postcards from Uruguay (last week) starts to turn up among my friends it is a fact that none of the 12 cards posted in Hong Kong reached its destinations. If a few never reach the final address I can blame the post but none? So, it feels like the reception at the Hotel in Hong Kong took the cards and the money (you leave cards and cash to the concierge and they take care of the stamps and posting) and forgot about the cards. The money most likely not forgotten. So a tip, in Hong Kong, buy stamps in the Post office and post the cards in a real mail box. If not do not trust the Indigo Hotel with your money and cards. A pity cause over all the service staff was really nice and the service good.


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