Further down the line

If I counted everything correctly, it’s now 8 days left before I can take 2 “non gym” days a week, meaning I have done some kind of activity, counted as workout, for 365 days. Every day, not even one day without a power walk or jogging.

Going through rainy days, winter, Christmas, New Year, fever and flue, outdoors or when the gym been open at the gym. 365 days…

So now, if we listen to people who workout daily, I am supposed to love it. Wrong, I hate it as much as I did day one. I am so tiered of the stress every day to find gymtime and at the same time not change working hours too much. Easiest is the weekends, cause I can do it in the morning, early, and then its done.

OK, I know this is a strange mix of bragging and whining, but it’s how it is.

So, I am so tiered this picture actually make sense:


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