Happy locked in

Apple – and their products

I am a happy locked in Apple user sometimes angry as hell on some updates and ideas for me as a user to adapt to their products and not the opposite but over all the user infrastructure so far the best, for me.

And I do try out their new gadgets if possible but some products kind of never stick with me.

iWatch – I bought a iWatch when they arrived and so far the only thing my poor watch is doing besides being a watch is to moonlight as a remote for my iPhone when I listen to music. I have not found any other function working for me, or really needed. But the iWatch have made me like watches again after years just checking the time on my phone.

But the fact is, the iWatch slowly gets older and as all Apple products the version I have will most likely be to old for updates in upcoming years which leads to me thinking… Will I update to a new iWatch?

The answer right now is most likely no, if Apple don’t arrange for some kind of exchange program with a heavy discount on a new watch if “giving back” the old version. Most likely that will never happen so I think my time as a iWatch owner will end with this little machine on my arm or if I all of a sudden find a service I can’t be without.

In any case, the iWatch is not as necessary for me to change every second year as I do with the iPhone.

Next product to be discussed will be Apple TV

The picture of the iWatch is stolen from the NET, if not allowed please let me know and i post one of my own watch.



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