Have no fear…

…The Swede is here. Don’t help much when the Swede have no practical bone in his body. A water leak for me is like someone told any selected human to fly by flapping his/hers arms.

So the upcoming days will be a nervous waiting for the Insurance, plumber and the rental agency to call so I can finish all this. Cause at the moment I am not the most popular guy in my building.

And from a ego point of view, a real shower would be fantastic right now. Don’t smell so good from only cold water washcloth hygiene. I also feel a need to write something to my neighbors who all of a sudden is involved in all this. It is 100% embarrassing and not fun at all.

So let’s see if at least the plumber can show up today, even if it means that I have to work from home at least for the rest of today.


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