Munich Lufthansa

Hong Kong 1

Hong Kong via Munich

Let us say this might have been the trip the world tried to tell me to not go through with. Trouble from entering CDG until the final steps out of the International Airport in Hong Kong.

You know the feeling when you check in your bag and a little voice say, “that’s a suitcase you never see again” – OK this never happened but the flight from CDG turned ut to be enough delayed for us to miss the connected flight to Hong Kong so one night in an airport hotel in Munich. This might not sound to bad but for heavens sake why can´t (two options here):

  • The Airline let you check out your luggage, NEWSFLASH, toilet bag and at least a t shirt is most likely stored there.
  • A airport hotel making most of their money through a contract with Lufthansa to take care of stranded passengers might see a business opportunity to sell a “one time toilet bag” and a t-shirt even if it say “I love Munich”.

In any case, next flight 24 hours later so the wait first at the Hotel and then at Munich Airport was a long one.

But I must say that the Lufthansa staff from CDG to Munich was very funny, suppose they were tiered but it was a blast on the flight.


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