Hope for Corona

Whilst Paris wait what will come on Monday in new restrictions I got a negative Corona test again, a bit sad really since I got 1 out of two orders from Discshop delivered today.

Remington Steele and Midsomer Murders (seasons I don’t have so far), so with some fever and a blanket days of mystery watching might have been perfect.

I also managed to loose 0.8 kg since last Friday, better than I thought, cause I expected I slight up or the same.

I also needed to buy a new iWatch today cause the old one lost it’s glass and even if I promised myself to not buy a new one when the old died I had too cause now with the exercise I actually have some use of a iWatch.

So I ordered one yesterday (not the latest) and of course as a huge “surprise” the tax habitation turned up today. Always a surprise, even if you know it will turn up.

Money Money Money, always money

Now I will have my “eat what I want” evening (hamburger) cause I still on track when it comes to the diet


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