I think we can delete the word “hope” from the worlds dictionaries at the moment… And at the same time we finally have proof that the only thing we need is Eeyore.

As said so many times before the only thing you can be sure of is that it can only get worse.

But before I buy a Eeyore one piece and go out on the streets with a sign telling the world that “The end is near” I can say that the vertigo is slighty better today. I only stumble and and get dizzy when I move my head up or down to fast, and so far nothing strange with how I see the world… Its clear for the first time in a few days.

And now I have to plan for the 6 month heart tests, and it won’t be as easy as before the pandemic… The place doing the tests have changed their opening hours from 7h00 – 17h00 to 7h00 – 14h00, so first I have to take a half day off to collect the things i need before the day of the tests, then I have to take a day off to do the tests and then a day off when I get the time for the doctors appointment.

So instead of 1 day off, It will not be 2 days (over 3 days)… Why? I just go back to Eeyore here as well.


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