How is it even possible?

The third, out of four, Melodifestivalen semifinals took place yesterday and to be honest… The selection of song yesterday didn’t do much to increase the hope of a Swedish victory in Eurovision 2020.

So it was surprising to find a natural winner among the 7 songs yesterday, and a disaster to realize the Swedes not voting for it. But let’s go down to business.

Mariette “Shout it out” – I do not like to be mean based on peoples look so I will do my best to not go there. But if you followed my old blog at you know that I can’t stand her since her time in Swedish Idol. So I was happy no notice that this year she entered Melodifestivalen with a impossible song, so bad it’s a joke. And her styling, worst than ever before. Just let us stop here for now.

Albin Johnsén “Livet börjar nu” – Actually not so bad, reminds me a bit of the genre where Lasse Lindh once occupied some space. But it was clear to not make it through to the final. But at then end of 2020 I think I might have listen to it more than average Melodifestivalen songs.

Drängarna “Piga och dräng” – I had some hopes for this one, like a party song in a really Swedish way. Rednex in Swedish kind of genre but I ended up disappointed. And for heavens sake what did the dancers do there? Not many hours put into creating a show.

Amanda Aasa “Late” – I can’t say a lot about “Late”, but I could not hear what she was singing. And now listening to the mp3 this song fall flat in my book. Not bad, not good, just not interesting enough.

Anis Don Demina “Vem e som oss” – Again a song I can´t be to mean about but for sure not lift it up to something it’s not. Not awful not good but a good energy party starter. Wish Samir & Victor was back and had made this into their style, might have worked better.

Faith Kakembo “Crying rivers” – And there it was, the 100% sure Eurovision winner. Different from what Sweden usually sends to Eurovision, great voice fantastic simple act and just amazing. A winner in all, and Swedes voted her off. Not been this upset since Jenny Silver and Andreas Lundsted failed with “Something in your eyes” and “Aldrig, Aldrig”.

Mohombi “Winners” – I like Mohombi, have always liked Mohombi and last year I was so disappointed until his French version of his entry 2019 was released. And this year, the song is better than in 2019 but not as good as many of his own songs before he decided to enter Melodifestivalen until he wins. I still think he should go for representing France not Sweden. Last year this leaked nudes spiced the final up a bit, let’s see what will happen this year…

And then the result, I will never ever get it how people could vore for Mariettes song this year. Previous years I understood the appeal to her entries, but this year its only bad. Very bad. Then not even send Faith to the 2nd chance contest and let people whom did not understand the song the first time get it the second time is shameful.

But, there are still hopes for Eurovision, cause out of nowhere Lithuania will send a song that’s really hard to resist. It has a amazing looking singer, good lyrics, a dance and a melody impossible to forget. So I won’t be surprised, based on the countries choices so far, if we will be in Lithuania 2021.


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