How the mood swings

Huge mood swing, kind of the same as Greta claims the climat change will swing around caused by dead dinosaurs. The weather the rest of the week is of the kind that turn dog owners to allow their pets to shit inside. OK, as long as it do not rain on my way to work it’s fine (my mantra), but hard to believe at the moment. It’s so cold!!!

Noticed yesterday a huge mistake in my life as well. The Taxe d’habitation 2022… The first years I lived in Paris you needed to log in to the tax account and approve the deduction from your bank account, and last year you only needed to do it if you changed your banking details. So I did not even look this year, just marked the date in my calendar, 15th of November.

Checked this morning, no money been deducted from my account so… Wrong date? No, I checked the papers and I have to scan a QR code, log in and send the money myself. Seriously? If they can withdraw money for the back tax without my approval why not this tax?

So I have no idea what to do now… I don’t want a fine.

We will see


(one of my coworkers sent me a whatsapp past weekend asking who was my favorite coworker. My answer was “Do not ask questions you don’t want an answer too, and I can honestly say I do not have a favorite coworker… All equally annoying. Then I found this…)


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