I don’t know what to write today

I am in the Matrix, or a parallel universe… And just think, stay out of it, stay out of it.

At the moment the drama in the Facebook group “Svenskar i Paris” (Swedes in Paris), a group where members help each other out with info, how to navigate French red tape etc etc. Without this group I would most likely be living under a bridge somewhere.

This amazing group, with its two founders, accepted a third admin of the group and as an admin he blocked the other two and working his little behind off to make money on the group.

All people protesting is kicked out. And as the cherry on top, he don’t even live in Paris, but is some kind of green activist living in Malmö / Sweden.

It’s a “world war” in a Facebook group…

Not the only war going on around me at the moment, but that is another story.


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