I suppose to smell how?

First of all, it’s not easy to meet the doctors instruction on a 60 minute fast walk a day AND avoid high risk Covid-19 areas. Then add the feeling of a brisk walk and try to breath with a mask… Yes, why really? I’m soon 500 years old and not on the top of the pyramid called life anymore, I slowly and with great difficulties climbing down trying to avoid a quick fall to the ground. Who needs to be pretty?

But, my new shower gel, really nice actually, but it claims that I am supposed to smell like an “Moroccan Garden” hours after the shower. That is not true, maybe the upcoming 10 minutes after use, but as said the bubbles are nice and it smells good using it.

Take care out there, I have from tomorrow 3 more vacations days left this week… What have I done? So far not much, again, one week vacation is not really a vacation.


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