I wonder…

Sometimes I wonder, I wonder if Annie Lööf took a psychology examination, what would be the outcome? Phsychopath? Narcistic disorder? Full blown maniac?

I wonder when the world will see that the Green party movement globally is like a huge sect, and believe me, I will not be surprised if we soon find them in the jungle drinking cyanide.

I wonder when people will understand that Greta not write her blogs, speeches, Tweets herself… And actually see that the speechwriters is very active in antifa.

But all the above is I wonder on a large scale, and there are more, so much more. So why think about things you can’t influence and instead wonder over things around your own person.

I don’t know, seriously, if my co-workers forget that I’m not in their age at all. I am in the same age as most of their parents, who they are worried about cause they are “older”. I am in the same age that, in some parts of the world, is the presumed life expectancy.

Add to the above that it seems like they forget that I have a serious heart condition which don’t impact my work per se, but there are things that make stuff tougher. And my glyceryltrinitrat spray, who I always mention is there when new people arrive, seems to be forgotten an hour or two after the introduction of it.

That I can pop a vein within a minute, or in 5 years time is kind of forgotten (or ignored).

I know this post is very much me me me, almost Annie Lööf ego, but I am amazed how stuff is just forgotten by people you meet more or less daily. I mean… Do I look like a healthy 30 years old? NO!

So with all the above taken into account, add the kidney problem, I can say I am happy to not have one sick day as long as I have worked for my current employer, and only 1 day in 2013 and 21.5 in 2014 after the heart failure. Looking around me I must say that outcome is not too bad.

OK, no more about it, just needed to ventilate, I binge watch too much “Chicago Med” at the moment.


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