International Driving Permits

Driving in a foreign country has been regulated since 1926 by the United Nations through 4 international conventions, subscribed by most countries in the world.Today, two conventions cover 98% of world countries: the 1949 Geneva Convention and the 1968 Vienna Convention, and nearly all International Driver Permits (IDP) are issued under these two conventions’ regulations.The authority for IDP-issuance resides in countries that are contracting parties to one of more UN Conventions on Road Traffic.

Most of these countries delegate this task to the Automobile Clubs and motoring associations. This is the reason why AIT and FIA Clubs are the world’s largest organization issuing IDPs. If there is an Automobile Club which issues IDPs in your country of residence, this website will help you access the Club’s IDP information section.

The image above is from a site offering IDPs world wide which is not possible cause a real IDP is an official highly regulated document and can only be issued in the country where the applicant for an IDP have their National Drivers License. To buy a fake IDP via Internet can be fatal since insurances etc might not be valid if you’re IDP turn out to not be an official document.

Unfortunately do fake websites also appear on Facebook.

If you visit a Facebook site like the one above please click and report it to Facebook at a non valid site for IDPs.

If you are unsure if a site is a real and the issuer a by The Government approved IDP Issuer you can contact your Government or look up your own country on the site:

A site listing all countries and who is the official issuer of IDPs in your country.

Please do not be fooled buying a false IDP it might cost you more than you thought if caught.

Note that most false sites as the once presented here actually even print on their false IDPs (and mention it on their website) that the document they provide not is approved once.

Travel safe


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