The Swedish designed IQOS

IQOS experience III

So, the IQOS testing still going on, still no “real” cigarettes so it works to take the edge of the nicotine addiction for sure. But the HEETS sticks is still a problem, the menthol ones “Label Blue” is still my favorite cause it feels like smoking when you inhale, but the menthol taste do not work with drinks. I don’t like beer tasting toothpaste or a nice cold Aperol Spritz being taken over of menthol. I think Philip Morris need to find a better “tobacco” taste cause the Amber- and Sienna labels do not taste much.

But I am also happy to find out that the first IQOS device I bought was a bad device, as you find out on the picture I bought a new cap to my IQOS 3, yes I now have a “Swedish” IQOS – The old yellow and blue (no, its Swedish not Ukrainian).

The Heet stick did not go down to the line on my first IQOS 3, with the new cap it does… So it wasn’t me, it was the device.

I also have an idea for the manufactures of the IQOS but I need to update it first before I present this to the world.

Again, I have no attachments to Philip Morris, IQOS or HEETS, I am a consumer and do not get paid to write about IQOS. And if you don’t smoke remember that even vaping is bad for your health and there is no reason to ever start.



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