It was a bit early

This morning I Tweeted that: “wow, it looks like France actually managed to keep the figures down”. I said low amount of new Covid cases, low in brackets, but it looked good. Then all of a sudden at 21h00 a new report and we faced more than 32.000 new cases… Up from around 22.000 in the morning.

I went from “maybe Christmas” to, “Fuck, I will sit inside my apartment for ever”.

So I needed to do something I like to do. Ended up tagging mp3 files, I know, Im a nerd…

Today I throw myself on Azucar Moreno, the Spanish duo I keep so close to my heart, and I wish I will be able to see them live someday. I don’t care if it is a arena concert in Spain or a smaller venue in France or Sweden, I really want to see them live.

But during my tagging I actually noticed that the ladies really benefited from growing older. Look at the two girls in 1986 and the Divas of 2020 (Divas in a positive way), 2 women at the peak of beauty. Amazing.


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