JESC and Armenia

Congrats to Armenia, and that is true – but seriously… I really not approve at all. There was a few really good songs, even in JESC. I liked Georgia, cause it was a working within the concept of a children festival. I also liked Portugal, and was happy to see that he scored so well among the public vote. I guess a gang of grown ups actually voted as well. Good work.

Today I had my day off, supposed to be my day off for buying some Swedish stuff for Christmas on Friday (yes Swedes have our day on the 24th), but still locked in for 3 more days. I just hope I will be able to take a PCR test before the weekend, if not I have not been able to do it before my Doctors appointment on the 3rd. And I hope its negative of course, so I can go out and have a glass of wine next week. Chaud.

But let us now work these 3 upcoming days before a week to catch up and return to life on the 4th of January with a fresh mind, negative tests and hopefully a third vaccine dose, even if Im not allowed to get one before May 2022 – do not feel good at all thinking of all travel plans at work, the ones hopefully decided now, among other changes at work.

And of course, yes, I also hope my heart survived this week.


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