Just one day away

So, from tomorrow it is the Eurovision week 2020, without any Eurovision happening at the end of the week… And maybe not even 2021 if you read comments on the Internet and pull them together with Governmental decisions on Corona. It is obvious that the Netherlands won’t hos 2021 if no vaccine been created and who knows how the travel industry will look like if countries close their borders until the vaccine is there.

Read today that Morocco won’t allow any travels from France this summer. There did my plans to go to Agadir for X amount of weeks go out of the window.

But… Next week will be Eurovision connected blog posts only, not focused on this years songs but country by country in the history of the competition.

Yesterday I watched the 2000 competition, a very special year for me since I worked with the contest that year and watching it again not only brought back memories I also realized that 2000 was a really good year and that the show was one of the better once ever.

Take care


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