Keep Cool 18eme

So, first day without any activities planned, so I had a bottle of wine yesterday and slept in… Th plan was to go out but of course it started to rain so no party.

In any case, slept shorter than I wanted, but still the day just passed in warp speed, and when I finally went to the gym it felt like I never seen a treadmill before. The pain in my legs kind of followed me through the complete hour. Not nice. And I am sure I have gain weight caused by the rainy days. Yes, sit inside in the evening cause me to eat more and more, and its not good food, it’s junk food. So I put off the weigh in today and push it into Sunday, or Saturday. And get the chock then.

I also started to look seriously to buy a new phone, but the Swedish Bank ID did not work so I wait. Cause I need to be able to download a new ID when I have a new phone, if not I won’t be able to to any financial transactions what so ever.

Swedish bank ID is a digital ID card, used for more and more things, will one day 100% replace the plastic card in Sweden.

Now, have a nice Friday


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