Kefir day

My legs say no no no, 16h00 rush out of work to be home no later than 16h25 – then change clothes and run to the gym for a 60 minute strolling at a fast pace on the treadmill. I am lucky so far to be just in time before all the “go to the gym after work” people get there. After that there is not a chance in hell that you get a treadmill, especially now when only 50% of them is switched on and can be used.

And yesterday was the first day for checking the health pass here in France, but I managed to live the complete day without such a check. And I also managed to go to Carrefour after the workout and was lucky enough to actually be in time for stocking up on “Kefir”

Kefir, the closest thing to “Filmjölk” you get in France at the moment.

So now I have Kefir for at least 4 days at home. And Carrefours Kefir is the best and most like Filmjölk, there are two other brands as well but both double the price and more like normal milk, not as thick as Kefir (and Filmjölk) is.

And you might have read in the news about the hostage situation at a Swedish prison yesterday? Two inmates convicted for murder took two prison guards as hostage using razorblades.

The situation is now solved but yesterday when it happened and their demands got public a whole country went on Twitter and “?” – They wanted kebabpizza for all inmates. Worth it? Maybe added 5 years to their time locked in, using razorblades just to get a kebabpizza? Smart guys.

I end todays worthless post with 2 things. First that four days proven not to be enough to catch up with all the work I am behind with and it was the jury who buried Denmark in Eurovision.

Hugs peeps


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