Last chance for them

Almost a week since I decided to try Spotify, and so far not a huge success.

First, congratulations to Spotify and their million of songs in the database. I tried to create 5 playlists yesterday and around 25% of the songs turned out to be available on the platform… But OK, Spotify actually have a solution in place… They claim to have one.

So, Local files, uploaded, songs placed in the playlists, and good as long as I play the playlists from my laptop app. Do they sync to my iPad and iPhone? NO. Can my followers see the titles at least? NO. So a playlist named “25 best songs with XX” show 5 songs to my friends, and I can play 5 songs on my mobile devices.

Add the info I got on Google that you can buy tracks as well from Spotify, and it turned out to be a service they cancelled, and in the forum clearly stated it will stay that way. Please, at least sign a deal with another provider and give your subscribers some kind discount or something.

So, my music is not on Sportify, and I have not even tried to create Playlists from singers I know is hard to find on any digital platforms.

So this weekend, not this TGIF evening will be dedicated to my vacuum cleaner and tutorials, Spotify tutorials… And at the end of the weekend I will decide if I will keep the Premium version, just keep the free version or delete Spotify all together.

Let me add that the “settings” section in Spotify also is a nightmare. I mean you must have grown up with Spotify to like the settings and interface.

After this I have tried out AppleMusic and Spotify, I guess only Deezer is left among the “big” ones… But if Sportify fail, I think I will bury the idea to get into streaming music, it’s seriously not for me.

And then we have the Covid situation, a Tsunami of information is spread over France in time for the changes and opening of the country. But not a word about what to do if you had Covid and can’t take the booster until after the new regulations is put into action. This information been in all information campaigns from the state upon changes, until now. So something fishy is going on.

But, a nightmare day in front of me before I can go home and fight Spotify, TGIF folks, TGIF.


I actually almost started to get muscles back then months before the cardiac arrest – Life is… “Eeyore”

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