Last day of vacation

So, Monday the 10th of August, not only the last day of vacation also the day when Paris wakes up to another 30 degrees day as well as mandatory mask wearing in over 100 places, or shall I say streets. Cause the new regulation is about streets in a hard to learn pattern in the city and some of the suburbs.

I am a bit boxed in cause the street I live in is not on the list, but all the big avenues and boulevards around is, so mask on all the time seems to be a better idea, even if 30 degrees outside tells you to breath air not the smelly air passing through the mask.

So tomorrow it is back on track and work, even if I will stay home and work from home at least the first day. Hopefully for a longer amount of time, in a perfect world I will work from home until the heart ultra sound is done… But I can’t see that HR will allow this.

But for sure I don’t want to be back in office when the school starts as long as staff with kids not working from home. I guess, without any science behind it, that after the rentree cases will go up in Paris and cluster areas will be back to 14 days of lock down.

But we will see, it might change with a vaccine and we can start to worry about the Black Death suddenly back on the menue 2020 and wait for the leprosy to start again somewhere in the world.


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