Last week in lock down

Next week the last week of lock down for the staff at the organization I work, the 2nd of June do we start to get back to the office, so far communicated as two groups working 50% from home and 50% at the offices. All also includes a lot of cleaning, washing, masks and “one way streets” inside.

From Typical jag on Facebook

I also read in the news that the Government support the cycle industry in Paris. All who knows me know that I really want to a bike, but have no where to put it at work, and for sure not at home.. But I hope they will find some kind of quick solutions all over Paris to store a bike. I gladly pay for a cycle garage close to home. Maybe with a 50% discount if you have a RATP card?

Beside all this, this weekend (a long one) been most about TV, late night wine and at least a try to sleep late. But they renovate the apartment next to mine and start early in the morning. I had hoped for them to not make a complete renovation cause I really wanted to switch the apartments. But now it seems like they will put another apartment on the market, so the rent will most likely go up. It was 50% lower than mine before….

But it is still better planned, even if it´s smaller. So who knows?

Take care


This is the “best” news ever from Sweden. A couple who bought a digital box for their TV and got the package WITHOUT a manual. And guess what, their first thought was not to look on the internet if the manual could be found, or call the Customer service… They called media. Tells you a lot about how Swedish minds work. Always someone else supposed to fix the problem.

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