Last working day this week

So this week is over for me, working wise, and I begin this blog post by asking my friends to go to this LINK to find more info on how France plan it’s lock up.

Not as clear as the Spanish “steps” (start with step 0, why?) but at least we know something, the 7th of May will be the date when we know if Paris is on the red list and stay in lock down or not. We are asked to work from home if possible. But not clear if it’s only in green or red zones only.

We will find out. At least I do not need a new prescription for pills the next 4 weeks so I manage on the health side.

Todays Eurovision Song Contest is 2010 from Norway, and I am puzzled. I remember the songs I really hated that year, but some of them actually not bad at all. Whilst some favorites is kind of “what?”, and so strange to watch a Eurovision finals without Sweden… But that was well deserved.

Keep it safe and watch an old ESC and share your views

(And on Friday the first of May my friend Marc De St Vincent will have a live stream at 16h00 playing some of his music, you can find all info and links on his Facebook page HERE


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