Life goes on

Life goes on, strike or no gréve, Weekdays have a nasty habit of repeating themselves like an endless road. Yes I know, but this time of the year (read = winter) I get like this cause I hate every second of winter time in Europe, it’s amazingly dreadful.

And let’s say that the strikes do not makes it easier and more bearable… No I’m not going down that line today, cause if I start I can’t stop.

So let’s talk Amanda Lear!

As you all know Amanda been a part of my life since the very late 70s and when moving to Paris I have even experienced her as an actor in a play. But she also been giving my headaches. Cause of her record label in the 70s and 80s was Ariola all her music is tagged in my library as German Pop. And since all other music in my library is tagged after the artist and where they are from Amanda as German is not correct, so I thought of changing it. Another problem… Read her bio on Internet she is everything from being born in Singapore to French, English, American and Italian.

But, thanks to La Poste in France I see that she is a “Chanteurs Francais” – So now I will change it in my music library, Amanda will be French, tagged as French pop, and that will really change two major playlists, “Most played German pop” and “Most played French pop”, both of them automatic updated.

And the cactus? It looks like my colleague Vickys penis cactus caught a STD or something… Don’t it?


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