Life in Paris – Water leaks

So, I might now have my third water leak in my apartment. The two first ones was easy, cause you can see the pipes and where the leak was. This time it is IN the wall between the bedroom and bathroom.

As said when I moved in I am sure this apartment is an after structure, it was an attic or similar and they decided to make 3 apartments on that floor, a lot is not according to the best standard. Pipes is one.

So I guess the pipes in the wall, and the wall, is “jerry-built”. For some people these kind of things is a pain in the ass, but they know stuff like this and what’s needed and maybe even do it themselves.

Me, with no skill what so ever when it comes to be a handyman need assistance and with that money to pay for the shit. I guess the insurance will pay for the leak, but for tearing down a wall? Should the landlord pay anything, or at least pay with their insurance?

This is France so I have no idea… But step one, call the plumber and confirm a leak, get a quote, check with the insurance and the landlord. Some things are better in Sweden.


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