Life in Paris

Sunday, you know the day that is perfect until 12h00 and then iy hit you, tomorrow its a work day again, so weekend is over. Sunday is the day when its not allowed to take a 1 hour nap, cause if you do you can’t sleep when its time to. A day, as today, when its time to go out and explore the city, but its raining and actually is very very cold.

The rain today makes me a bit worried about tomorrow as well, I want to continue to ride the bike to work – Im not good at intermissions, and its fine if it rains in the evening, cause then its just going home, so getting wet is fine, but in the morning not possible.

And this Sunday… What can I say? woke up, power walk, shower and since then, dressed in sweatpants, I have not moved from the sofa. Thats another kind of Sunday – but I do not look forward to work until after the summer conference, then things might be normal again until the December conference.


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