Look, it is true

Take a look at that picture, they have open up again. Both happy and at the same time a bit disappointed… I secretly wished for a sale… Yes I know, I have no chance to buy it but at least it was a dream. In any case, when I finally leave my 50% self lock down I can have a beer or actually the first visit will be a btl of wine and sit for a long time.

Corona news France. The Government talked about a small celebration 2020, and today the rehearsals started and it did for sure not sound small. It will be interesting to see next week how many people will be out on the 14th. Place de la Concorde is built up as always with a lot of seats for people, and it is strange. Even more strange as a Swedish person since we hardly notice our National Day.

But a warning from work, be careful, stay home, cause if anyone catch Corona on the 14th the office must go in full lock down for 14 days and that can’t happen. Nothing about people being sick and maybe die, but to let people work some more for home sound like a disaster.

To me warnings like this makes me think that they are aware we might have open up work to fast when all staff was asked to work more or less as usual. 4 days in office 1 from home, what is the difference to work a full week really? Fact is that if anyone catch Corona in Paris now it is on public transport, not at work.

Just some thoughts


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