Picture screen dump from France24 direct during Macrons speech.

So, the Presidents speech to the nation today sounded more like an election speech to save his Mayor candidates on the 28th of June when France vote for the Mayor seats. Not much on the rules for normal people, starting next week.

First to hold a speech on Sunday saying that we are supposed to go back to work from Monday is not well prepared, it’s stupid. People do not prepare for going to work and school opening in 10 hours.

But good to hear that the globalist Macron promised to not take down historical monuments and that the French must support the police.

Then why he had to speak about the green movement and save the environment is for me a mystery, not what the people want to know right now.

Me, who already have OK to work from home Monday and Tuesday will do so, and then we will see. I have to plan a medical visit and see what my doctor say how I shall continue my life now when Paris is supposed to be open as normal from tomorrow.

Let´s see


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