Many days passed now

Since last week I have been out of work caused by national holidays and requests from the company HR to take out free days as much as possible. So this Sunday is the last day of “free” time. And it is amazing how fast you adjust to free time, not so much to things you must do.

To be honest I am more stressed now about the re opening of France than the lock down. Weeks of complaints, from my side, have now turned to a very mild panic, and I really don’t want to be locked up again with people around me. Sound like a terrible idea right now… How we adapt don’t we?

But I wait for the HR info net week based on the opening up on the 11th of May (Paris will for sure still be a red zone) together with the lates new from the Government, se LINK. I hope they come with some hands on info and not fluff.

But until we know I keep on watching old Eurovisions in the evenings, and actually all day long over the weekends. The official DVDs have now been covered so I have to go to the old recordings, back in time. But so far I must say that I think Australia 2019 must have the best visual performance of all times, I have seen Alvaro Estrella more or less in every year performing back up for different countries and I still hope for a change in the language rule of the Eurovision. I will get back to the plus and minuses of the current format of the Eurovision Song Contest according too me. Well aware that the new fans growing up have an attention span around 10% before they are bored.

So keep on following the Eurovision and Covid thought here.


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