Mask in France

Today I learned, from the Paris Police Twitter account that they not only fines you if you don’t wear a mask, they can (and have done so) also catch you if the mask not a approved mask… Something that was news to me and I am sure for most of the people living here. Cause gosh you see a lot of not approved masks wandering around on the streets of Paris.

Of course not wandering around on their own, they are attached to someone. A human being most of the times.

But masks is only one thing that bother us in the French capital at the moment. Paris is restriction tiered. Something fun much happen soon, not only go to work, work and be home in time for the curfew to start. People need food and entertainment, not only work and pay taxes and I am sorry to say that the 18h00 curfew not helping at all, so at least bring the 20h00 back, or even better 23h00 and open the cafés for outdoor service again. Like it was this summer.

I only wish for the opportunity to sit outdoors watching people walk around, and of course buy an amazing glass of wine (yes, wine outdoors is now amazing, not only a drink).

And do not make start of the urge to go abroad and have some sun. Not even the tanning centers are open yet, or the gyms.

So we look forward to the next speech from Macron and hopefully they have decided to follow the UK and set some dates for the opening of the country. If not I think people will start a new 1789.


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