Melfest 4×3, pt. II

Time for the next four songs then. Again the startlist on Saturday is like follows:

And yesterday I quickly took you through the first four, or shall I say what i thought was the first four. I kind of jumped over The Mamas just to be able to write something about Hanna Ferm. So the mistake will now be fixed. We take a look at song 3 and 6 to 8.

The Mamas “Move” / As soon as the Mamas went on stage last year, as the backup singers to John Lundvik (who won 2019) I said John will SO write a song for them next year. He did not, but still here they are. I think they should have asked John cause he has a Gospel vibe in what he is doin’ and the Mamas need that to shine. Move is OK, it’s nothing wrong and the Mamas, most likely, have the best voices in the final this year. But something is missing, at least for me. Not the worst attempt but I rather send them to Eurovision with a song they can shine in.

Mendez feat. Alvaro Estrella “Vamos Amigos” / Mendez is kind of a pet from Chile for the Swedes, and i respect that as well as him returning to Melodifestivalen again. Last year he had one of the best entries in the competition and now together with the likewise returning Alvaro they have a party song that works 100% when you see them on TV but not as much just listen to the song (the same problem with many of the songs this year). But plus for some other languages in the final besides English. I guess I will have them on the top half on Saturday.

Dotter “Bulletproof” / Last time a song the title “Bulletproof” entered Melodifestivalen I loved it. Not so much this year. In the semi final I kind of never even see this song as a song for the finals so I was really surprised when she got so many votes. And I do not understand it. It’s a well produced boring radio style song with no “oumpf” what so ever. What do people see in this shit? And Eurovision fans already renamed the host city from Rotterdam to “Dotterdam”, so sure she will win. I’m kind of “What?”

Robin Bengtsson “Take a chance” / Robin kind of grow on me through his Melodifetsivalen participations. He started with “Constellation prize” 2016 (did nothing for me), followed up by winning it all in 2017 with “I can’t go on” and I had no problem with that song and it also worked well in Eurovision that year and ended up in a 5th place. So this year he is back with “Take a chance”, a song you need to listen to one or two times before it sets. So think he would have gained some votes if he did pass to the final via the 2nd chance contest. Now he went directly to the final. Besides being awarded hottest hips in the finals I have Robin up among the three best entries so far. So I hope he will be able to face the fact that SVT want a woman to win this year and that people vote for him. I can for sure see this as our entry in Rotterdam.

So that was the four entries in the middle, and tomorrow we end it all with the last 4 before I reset and listen to them all again pretending I never heard them before.

By the way, you all now that the strike in Paris is still going on and yesterday, in Corona times, there was a demonstration. Let us say that not so many people turned up… Picture from it all:

The announced demonstration 2020 03 03, not so many people this time.

And for you all who think it is possible to drink one beer as “After work” or “Apéro”… This ishow you count beers.

Have a nice day now


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