Melfest 4×3

So let’s start the Melodifestivalen 2020 opinions. So far, this morning, the iTunes play count tells me this:

2020 03 03 Play count Melodifestivalen 2020

But let us see how it looks on Friday and go to Saturdays final line up, 4 songs a day here on my blog between Tuesday to Thursday.

Startlist Melodifestivalen 2020 final. Take place 2020 03 07

Victor Crone “Troubled waters” / A smell of Avicii, just like his Eurovision entry for Estonia last year, and so far just listening to the song it is a bit too boring to make any huge impact on me. And in some way you need to see him to make this song pop out from the competitors.

Paul Rey “Talking in my sleep” / I thought this was the song I would start to play a lot as soon as it was released but frankly… It’s not bad, but not the hit i expected it to be after the semi finals. So I don’t think I will go crazy over it on Saturday.

Hanna Ferm “Brave” / As said last Saturday it took 4 semi finals and 27 other songs before I actually felt I heard a song I might go crazy for, and it’s not cause this is a master piece, it’s the Ladi dadi day. And still, Hanna could enter Eurovision representing any of the former East European states. She have the look and the act. I really like this entry but to win on Saturday… Only the viewers and Armenia (as a part of the International jury) can make that happen.

Mohombi “Winners” / Kind of fail completely just listen to the song and don’t see the show. And the show is only “OK”, I find myself searching for the “skip” button on my phone after listen to half of the song. And I still don’t understand why he fight so hard to represent Sweden. He would get the wild card for France in a second since he is popular in France.

So of the first 4 songs it is Hanna, Victor Crone, Mohombi & Paul Rey for me.

#Hannaferm #Victorcrone #Mohombi #paulrey

And at the same time in another part of the world:


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