Melodifestivalen 2

To not talk too much of Public Service trying to teach the Swedes what’s political correct – Again. I will focus on the songs.

  1. Oscar Enestad
  2. Margaret
  3. Hanna & Liamoo
  4. Vlad Reiser
  5. Malou Prytz
  6. Jan Malmsjö
  7. Andreas Johnson

Thats my list from todays contest, not saying that Oscars song was the best thing happen to the world but really? Last place? Lets go song by song

Andreas Johnson, a typical Andreas song, made for radio and no danger at all to anyone. Just boring, and what about the pants?

Malou Prytz, cute girl singing a anonymous song… Cant remember a tone of it after she stoped.

Oscar Enestad, Ok again not the best song ever but at least a chorus you remember even if the title might have been on repeat a few times to many. And who knows might be a hit in France if Macron gets his hand on it.

Jan Malmsjö, i wished before the contest they would have given him a new “Vår best tie är nu” but this was a bit sad to see. And the mumbling? Maybe Mr Malmsjö should have said no to this.

Vlad, I was afraid he would do a Bilal Hassani and live cause of the popularity on YouTube, but I kind of liked this act if you look at it all together. Charming but no ESC winner.

Hanna & Liamoo, ho ho ho, I really wish I was in Sweden and could talk to all the MF fans who hated when EllNikki won in Düsseldorf and now loving this… Wake up call it more or less the same song and without a cute girl with to much lip filler and a Idol winner in the lineup no one can vote for this to represent us in ESC. Please.

Margaret, Happy happy song, again and might be a hit but missed something over all.

So what about the 2019 Melfest so far? It must be impossible that we have heard the winner at this stage cause the songs are lame, do kind of nothing for either MF, ESC or me…

We wait for the WOW song yet


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