Melodifestivalen 2019 – de sista 4

“I do me” – Malou Prytz

This years most unlikely finalist. A really bad song, a girl with not much to offer the world. Malou will kind of both start and end her career here in Melodifestivalen 2019. I am sorry but I have nothing more to write about this song.

“Too late for love” – John Lundvik

Much better this year than last year, which also was a really good song. But he returns with a fantastic voice and a fantastic performance. John Lundvik has a lot of talent obviously and I will not cry if he end up as nr 1 on Saturday and I really think he will have a good chance in Eurovision. And then next year I hope the four ladies behind him will have a group name and enter as team. Four amazing voices. The only thing is that on CD the song is a bit flat if you compare it to the live performance.

“Not with me” – Wiktoria

This is this years the show makes it better than it is. She goes all in with water and tears but beside all the gadgets we stand with a nice, Eurovision ballad. Nothing wrong with it but not a real winner even if I sort it as OK if it won. But again, more show than a song.

“I do” – Arvingarna

Since I live in France I’m not able to vote in Melodifestivalen but if I was I would have called on the number connected to Arvingarna. I like this, I get happy from this and it has no chance in hell to win cause of the International jury groups. Why? Reading the Eurovision fans blogs and Tweets etc almost all place the two songs in Swedish in the final as number 11 and 12, and the jury groups most likely got Christer Björkmans instructions to find “modern, young and radio friendly” hit music and possible ESC winners. This is not it and the kids will vote for the kind radio pop songs. But in any case, this makes me happy and 3 minutes Casper is better than no Casper at all.


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