Melodifestivalen 2019 – the first 4

So time to go through the first 4 of the song in the final of Melodifestivalen 2019.

“Norrsken” – Jon Henrik Fjällgren

I had some hopes for a song in the style of “Hon var vacker” but they never even came close with this song. But I like it even if 2019 not Jon Henrik year to win. Most cause I am afraid “Norrsken” (Northern Light) will sound like shit in Eurovision. Going from pre recorded chorus to the Eurovision rule with only 6 on stage and no pre recorded singing will not help this song at all. Again a reason for Melodifestivalen to have same rules as Eurovision. In any case a good song but not enough this time.

“Torn” – Lisa Ajax

A strange song to write about. Listen to it I sometimes like it and others I just skip it cause I cannot stand it. So It is not a number one favorite for sure. Lisa do what she can to bring the best out of it but it turns out to be a bit to much screaming going on. Not a winner and not the Swedish entry 2019.

“Hello” – Mohombi

Wow was my reaction reading that Mohombi will return to Melodifestivalen and at the same time surprised. IF he ever wanted to go to Eurovision I thought it would be for France where he actually is famous. But he went back to Sweden to sing “Hello”, and he sings “Hello” around 200 times in 3 minutes. If we count I think he will beat Karin Risbergs words on repeat record in “Stopp, stopp, stanna” from Melodifestivalen 1986. So the song fails cause its to repetitive. But he also manage to “leak” a so called dick pic (if it is him or not we will never know) in time for the final, so all who seen it will not listen to song they will look at his crotch figuring out if its true or not and it will most likely render one or two phone calls.

“Victorious” – Lina Hedlund

Huge surprise! From Alcazar to this? I was sure she would sound more Alcazarish but she went 100% Charlotte Perrelli “Hero” style. And that is the problem with this song. Sounds dated even with the modern production. The verses are hopeless even if the chorus is really good. I do not dislike this but its not a winner and for sure not a Eurovision winner. But Lina sing amazing so IF it happens that she wins we can at least relax knowing that she won’t make a fool out of us in Tel Aviv in May.

That was my first four, four again tomorrow and four on Friday and a final all 12 Saturday.


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