Melodifestivalen 2019 – The next 4

So let us go on with the next four then.

“On my own” – Bishara Morand

First of all… No I do not hate this guy he is a piece of pure talent with a future in the music industry if he wants to and with the right management. But the same management should have hold him outside the Melodifestivalen maybe two more years? 2019 won’t be his year even if it will be his break. And for the older crowd, 1983, a 16 year old girl won the Melodifestivalen and thanked God for the victory, the Swedish music industry never been the same. Here we have a 16 year old guy, thanking God for his advancement into the final, and yes, his break. But he will get the votes cause of him who nail the song on stage not because of the song which is 3 minutes long but feels like 20 minutes, nothing here excites me. Just a boring ballad.

“Ashed to ashes” – Anna Bergendahl

I did not like her in Idol and I was the first who said Sweden won’t reach the final when she won the Melodifestivalen 2010 – and my lord did people trashed me then… I never liked her so reading she was launching her comeback to the music scene this year I was less then excited. But wow, “Ashes to ashes” nailed it. The song is smart, fit her voice, the performance is amazing and even the clothes make this act 100% right. A hit song for Anna, I take my “mats ur stolen” as we say in Sweden and congratulate Anna. So far the most played entry among the once being released as a single in my home. Not sure I will put her no 1 on Saturday, but the chance is high (together with a few other songs she’s up there)

“Chasing rivers” – Nano

With a B song he entered a few years ago and got so much votes that I am chocked, all cause his cry story about his gangster life but when he turned out to be a father he needed to take care of his family and could not be a thug anymore. This year the song is even worse, its not even a song its just simple shit BUT wow he has a even better cry story this year so Sweden will vote, thanks heaven for the International jury who will give him lower scores.

“Hold you” – Hanna Ferm & Liamoo

The talk in town said this might be the winner, and fans went crazy. Many of them the same fans who trashed “Running scared” when that song won the Eurovision for Azerbaijan. And this is the same song a bit re arranged which shows that Eurovision fans are a strange crowd, fun but strange. The stage set up tho´is amazing but no, this is not a winner.

Tomorrow we go the last 4


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