Melodifestivalen 2020 – Semifinal 1 (of 4)

So, now it started, Melodifestivalen 2020, My 6 weeks of “gala” and what the European football Championships is for a soccer fan. So, total focus on Melfest2020 for the upcoming 5 Saturdays (6 yesterday included).

So yesterday’s 7 songs turned out to be a surprise really. None of them stand out in a typical Björn way… Like Finlands Erika and “Cicciolina” (still can’t believe it will be true if Finland decide to not send that song). But hopefully the perfect song will enter the contest the upcoming weeks.

The Mamas – “Move” – I expected a bit more Gospel vibe, but over all the Mamas presented a song sounding what you can expect. It never lifted 100%, they reached around 80%, but it don’t change the fact that this is a really good song but will never ever win Eurovision if we decide to send it. A lot of jury points but a flop in televotes.

Suzi P – “Moves” – I am surprised that SVT do this every year to enter a song with an very young performer who’s future in music will be over after their enter the contest. If SVT really want to have the genre rap/hip hop in the contest, that is fine, but let someone who can survive a last place not a 16year old debutant. And in this case a song that is there to actually never reach the final. No one during the selection phase can have thought, we will hear Suzi P in the final. Pointless.

Robin Bengtsson – “Take a chance” – I actually like this one, not a Eurovision winner, but as a Swede I can be proud if we sent this to Rotterdam. It’s modern, a bit pop, a bit Abba with a fantastic chorus. The act was terrible boring, sorry, but it needs more, much more to wow. Robin, amazing and hot as always (is his hips for real?). Yeah, I can see this tune to be my favorite in the Final in March.

Malou Prytz – “Ballerine” – This is a joke, and I will never ever understand who actually thought it was a good idea to spend money to vote for it. But at least the team tried to bring an act on stage even if it was 100% bizarre, Malou, praised for her voice, have never sounded worse in her life and have charisma as an empty can of mineral water. No, please, let her journey stop at the upcoming 2:nd chance contest.

OVÖ – “Inga problem” – Not my genre, but at the same time I don’t hated it. But I can’t say som much about it. But it is canon-fodder put in the contest to never reach the final. But I am curious to hear the single, it might be better like last years “Mina bränder”.

Sonja Aldén – “Sluta aldrig gå” – Before the contest really ridiculed caused it sounded dated… And yes, it’s not the most modern song but classic sound is not always a bad thing. I kind of like the old Eurovision ballad sound. OK, I’m not a huge fan of Sonja Aldén I hoped for it to pass. If not longer than to the 2nd chance, far better that for example “Ballerina”.

Felix Sandman – “Boys with emotions” – This years clear winner, at least before yesterday. And I agree that it’s not his best moment in music. Actually, the only positive thing I can say about this song is the chorus, it’s catchy but not enough. I turned out to be rally disappointed and even if the message (that boys/men can be emotional and it’s ok) is good it do not change the fact that that “boy” is completely not sexy. Felix rule for the “latte Daddies” living at “Söder” in Stockholm as a “Boho” (BoBo in French). No, I don’t like his entry this year, sorry Felix.

And then overall then? It is painfully obvious that SVT saves money on the Melodifestivalen this year (a lot of money will most likely go to the coverage of the Olympics this summer, or if they don’t have the broadcasting rights 2020 they just out of money). The stage, as when they presented it, I said is only to save money and forward the costs on the performers and their teams. It actually did nothing to the show. Let’s see of it will be better.

But saving money 2020, now when the Public Service is financed by a tax not a fee (so all Swedes pay for it, with or without a TV) feels strange and the 4 semi final tour is a bit outdated now, there are no more talents to put into the production. One evening show with 12 good performers would have been much much better.

So, let us see what the future brings… 3 more semi finals to go.


Photo: Screenshot (if not allowed pls let me know and I will change it).

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