Now he really is here, kind of, I mean… He arrived a while ago but now also on the posters all over Paris. My comment? Boys will be boys, and if grown ups like to run around chasing a ball… OK, do it, but I never get it. But I also think everyone should have something strange to nerd in on so it actually is a good thing, if football fans could calm down and behave.

Other things, I actually thought biking and workout should get easier after a while, but right now it feels like it’s the first time in history I sit on a bike and using the treadmill. I don’t get it, it’s toucher and toucher and I sweat more and more and more. Why? It’s for sure not normal, will be a interesting discussion with my doctor the upcoming weeks, whenever I can get an appointment.

Meetings piling up and I have to change the time over and over, but soon I have to do it, and then the internal fight to get days off.

I also thank my employer to, again, not pay the salary in time, for the first time since I moved to Paris I actually got a minus in my bank account caused by the rent payment. Scheduled on the 25th each month.

Thanks for nothing


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