Modern times

Modern times, a new lifestyle… Or?

To think that people will stop party is one of the most stupid ideas politicians adopt at the moment, and the max amount of people too meet at the same time.

Sport, must have the best lobby in the world. Country after country push for opening up sport arenas and sport events and manage to do so. 1000 in France at the moment, but at the same time a glass of wine at a café, outside, is marked with death. How much Covid viruses spread through a growling sports crowd (whom also attack streets and people if they loose the game), and how much from a crowd of 2,4,6 or 10 at a table will be discussed. Also how do covid spread when people been forced inside in a closed environment instead of sitting outside and wear a mask when moving around.

At the same time the crazy idea of open borders. EU should decide to close borders, all borders for two weeks, maybe longer and not leave this crazy change of rules to each country, and they change them based on different statistics. And even worse like France with a sandbox tactics, If you ban us we ban you, so open up for us we open up for you. Even if there is a wide spread infection risk. Why? Allow travels within the countries border but no cross border leisure/business travels for X amount of weeks.

Or, stop to give a fu** and let nature decide and take out the weak, at the end that is what will happen.

And don’t let me start on the French Governments take on home working!!!! Work as much as possible from home. But they as the employees, NOT force the employers. The result is that people must go in their offices, on crowded metros and buses. When those are needed for people who can’t work from home. 99% of all office staff can work from home with the technical solutions in place year 2020. This is just the result of the absurd hierarchy within the French offices. Further north in Europe home working no longer a big thing. It is normal.

So Olivier Véran, Élisabeth Borne and Macron, put the restrictions where people get infected not swing in blind.


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