Modus operandi

M.O., the Modus Operandi, what when people around you suddenly change their M.O. and start to behave way outside their normal habits? I mean I know I am not the easiest person to understand, but in the long run I am easy to get a grip on… Work life and private life don’t mix, and only a few managed to float around in both the circles. But over all I keep the same behavior towards the people I interact with.

Coming back from 10 working days of vacation people around me have changed their normal behavior, both from bad to better and worse, going from good to a complete transformation from Dr. Banner to the Hulk. Most likely colleagues are stressed so the thing now is to not take onboard other peoples stress.

I can handle my own stress well (if it’s not about doing budgets), but when I take on other peoples stress, from management to “normal” colleagues I kind of cave in.

But let us see what the upcoming week will offer, if people get back to normal again.

“Back from vacation – Todays questions: 1. What is my password 2. What do I work with?”

As you all know by now I also work on fixing my music library, destroyed by Apple Music, changing all tags and play counts, and I’m now in 2007 so the passed 7 days most played songs:

Serious, Emmalisa????

All that as a blogpost of the day. It sounds like frustration coming up.



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