When my colleagues flew away to Monaco and the Conference 2021 I am still in Paris, not forbidden to travel but recommended not to until 14 days after my 2nd vaccine shot (tomorrow). And usually this Conference is only for the management so I never planned to go anyway, even if Monaco is a place I always wanted to visit. But, health before “fun” or what?

And as said, this Conference is usually only the manager going and at the office its empty, calm, nice and you manage to catch up with a lot of things and can end the weeks before vacation planning to avoid crises for the staff not on vacation… But this year? Not as much. First of all we are 5 people in the office, never happened during a Conference week before. Online, digital meetings taking place and add to what I planned to be a week of catch up, so other meetings crash with not planned Conference tasks. Not at all what I expected.

And on top of it all my toe hurts.

Take care out there,


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