For once I felt 100% in line with the world this Monday. Pumped up, ready to follow my schedule, finalize a lot of stuff adding up on my desk and I actually had time to do it this week. No extra meetings apart from 2 planned ones, and no calls supposed to me emails planned. Good, Get a lot of stuff out of my hair before “summer” supposed to start also in the office (read: People will be away for 3 weeks and the office almost empty).

Took 5 minutes to open my email and all those plans, like Elvis, left the building.

And since I am going on about things messing up my life, why don’t French people have any sense of living in a world where stuff happens around them, not only pay attention to what’s in front of them. They have no clue what’s beside or behind – just in front of. Seriously?


Todays main picture: “Nalle” means teddybear, and bear in Swedish is björn

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